Sunday, October 24, 2010

Since Cascade won't warn you, I will!

I have been using Cascade Powder in my dishwashers for years and years.  I have never had a problem in all this time.  I noticed in the last ..  maybe 4 months??..  my dishes are now coming out with a white film. 

As a result, many of my glasses are now etched with this white chalky coating, and no amount of scrubbing will take it off.  There were some plastics that I have always put in the dishwasher, that are now completely ruined. 

It could have been the result of many things, I just thought the dishwasher was not working great and the dishes were not being rinsed properly. 

Then I stumbled upon this article on my local news website

Turns out the State of PA has banned the use of Phosphates and Cascade has changed their formula to comply with the new regulations.  I understand the need, but I would have liked a little warning on this Cascade!!

This has cost their customers money and it doesn't seem like they care very much.

The woman in this story was able to switch to a Gel formula and no longer has a problem.  My dishwasher instructions specifically warn against using Gel - ever!  I guess I'm out of luck.  I'll be trying different brands now, but for me, the damage is done.