Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Firefox Addons

Firefox is my preferred browser - and there are some fabulous addons that make sweeping easier.

My Favorites:

1. Tab Mix Plus -When using the "Shazam" button in OLS ( it works well to open the new links in Tabs, instead of new windows. (Go to Tools - Options - Click on the "TABS" tab, then under "Open links that open in a new window" -- select "New Tab" from the drop down list. The Tab Mix Plus addon allows you to customize your tabs any way you like.

2. Dogears - Avoid scrolling to find the submit button. On a form that you enter daily, just "dogear" where the submit button is, and the next time you open the page, it automatically scrolls to that marker.  
**  Edited:  The link above is for the older version on the Firefox Addon site - it is not compatible with the new Firefox versions.  Here is a newer version = hopefully this link will work for a while --

Under Dogears Options -
a) check the box to Begin Reading each page at last viewed Dog Ear.
enable "Mark/Unmark" with Shift+click
enable "Move to next" with Shift+Space.

Just press the shift key+click to mark your spot. Then shift+space activates the Dog Ear. Now the next time you open that page, it will automatically scroll to your mark. No more scrolling!

There are many more addons at Find your favorites!

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