Sunday, March 15, 2009

Those Pesky Flash Forms

There are no form fillers that work with Flash forms. So here's a great program that will help you fill Flash Forms out quickly, without having to type out your name and address.. Shortkeys

I've found that I use this program at work now, and lots of other applications that have nothing to do with Sweepstaking. It is a very useful tool.

It may take some setting up, but you'll be glad you took the time. There are many ways to set it up, but here's what I found easiest.
  1. Download the program from
  2. Run the setup
  3. It will guide you through the initial setup. Choose to Use Prefix Keys - You can use any prefix you want - I use the letters "df", an unusual combination.
How it works:
Whenever you type your prefix followed by a specific letter, the program will replace that text with your chosen text.

example -- When I type "dfe" The program will replace "dfe" with my email address. When I type "dfn" it replaces "dfn" with my phone number. "dfa" is my address, "dfc" is my city. and so on and so on.

When you have completed Setup, it's time to add your own Shortkeys:
  • Right Click on the Shortkeys Icon in your System Tray,or press the Start Button and look for Shortkeys in your programs list. -this opens the Shortkeys Editor and you will now see your stored Shortkeys. The free version gives you 15 keys. If you upgrade - you get unlimited Shortkeys.
  • Click on the Add Shortkeys button. Another dialog box opens allowing you to Modify Shortkeys.
  • Type in a single letter in the Original Shortkey box. This is the letter you will type after the prefix you have chosen.
  • Type in the Replacement Text
  • Click on Save and repeat the process to add more Shortkeys, or Save and Close when you are done.
If you ever run into a situation where you need to type your prefix without activating the Shortkeys replacement - simply Right Click on the Shortkeys icon in your system tray and click on Suspend Shortkeys. The program will be deactivated until you reopen it.

Once you memorize your Shortkeys and get used to using the program, you will be flying through those Flash Forms!


  1. I am going to have to give this a try. I hate the flash forms and sometimes I will just skip over them when I'm doing my dailies. Setting this up will have to be my project for later this week.

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  3. OK, this is too cool. I just installed it and set it up in about 5 minutes - it's awesome! Why didn't I do this earlier? Thanks!

  4. I added this about a month ago when I reading your blog. I absolutely love it! Thanks so much for sharing:)

  5. ShortKeys does not work with Macs.